Designing your future skin microbiome.

We are a biotech company rethinking the future of the skin microbiome. We are specialised in odour preventative technology using innovative, small and microbiome-smart ingredients.
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Our bodies are home to a community of trillions of microorganisms which are crucial to our skin’s health. What we put on and next to our skin has a direct impact on our bodies. As such, our health is shaped by our environment.



Human health is shaped by its environment.
The skin is home to 1 trillion microorganisms, crucial to our health. Our cosmetics and clothing choices have a direct impact on the body.


Conventional methods such as blocking pores, eradicating bacteria and masking smells have long been the norm to manage body odour. Our studies have shown that the commonly used metallic salts and antimicrobial ingredients have detrimental impacts on the skin and body.  This can eventually lead to skin sensitivity, increased body odour and even skin disease. These synthetic ingredients can also be linked to environmental toxicity. Our insights have led to novel ways to tackle this problem, working with nature, and not against it.


Phiome has developed a portfolio of patented and clinically validated ingredients that modulate the skin microbiome. Using microbial transplants and bacteriotherapy, Phiome has conducted a series of successful clinical trials. Our small yet powerful ingredients target the root cause of body odour, providing a natural and effective alternative to conventional biocidal and antimicrobial solutions. These ingredients can be  formulated into cosmetics or applied to textiles, offering a holistic approach to managing body odour while prioritising skin well-being.



We address body odour at its source by modulating the skin microbiome. Our team of researchers is dedicated to developing innovative probiotic and prebiotic ingredients tailored for cosmetic and textile applications. Phiome pioneers the next generation of ingredients, revolutionizing the approach to body odour by reshaping and harmonizing the microbiome. Our technology targets the root cause of body odour by increasing the presence of beneficial and pleasant-smelling bacteria while significantly reducing Corynebacterium spp., Staphylococcus hominis spp., and other odour-associated taxa. This not only effectively minimizes body odour but also promotes cell renewal and enhances the skin's immune system.
At the core of our technology is the power of biology, tapping into the invisible ecosystem thriving on the skin's surface. We create unique, eco-conscious ingredients and also leverage previously unexplored scientific research on microbial ecosystems and their connection to body odour. Our ingredients represent the next generation of natural solutions for the cosmetics and performance textile industries.

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Dr Chris Callewaert

Dr Chris Callewaert studies the skin microbiome and metabolome in health and disease and is specialised in body odour. He is the first to solve body odour by changing the microbiome, and is regarded a world authority in the field. He presented his research all over the world. He is the author of >30 books, book chapters and peer-reviewed scientific publications and has been featured >1000 media publications. Dr Callewaert has been a researcher at Ghent University in Belgium and the University of California San Diego in USA.

Rosie Broadhead

Rosie Broadhead is a textile designer and researcher, and is specialised in biomaterials for the fashion industry. She is founder of a material innovation platform and is the first to design probiotic textiles. She has a background in Research & Development and sustainability in the fashion industry. She has been a Textile Scientist at Ghent University in Belgium. Her research focuses on the intersection between skin and clothing, which has resulted in peer reviewed papers and international exhibitions and publications.

Laure Craeye

Laure Craeye is a biochemical engineer passionate about turning science into business. A holder of an MBA in General Management from Vlerick Business School, Laure brings a wealth of experience and interest in the biotech startup landscape. Her commitment lies in introducing biotechnological solutions to the market, driven by her extensive investigation into the anti-odour potential of probiotic textiles during her Masters degree.

Astrid Hart de Ruijter

Astrid Hart was an early employee of the skin microbiome company S-Biomedic (acquired by Beiersdorf). She acted as the ‘spider in the web’ between R&D and the market to launch first-of-a-kind probiotic solutions for skin care and dermatology (B2B/B2C). Her background in business development, marketing, microbiology, bioinformatics and clinical trails has given her the toolbox and passion to bring innovative biotechnologies to the market that work with nature, and not against it.




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